Since it’s Halloween, I thought you might enjoy hearing about a place where chocolate is free!

Before you start packing your bags to visit this heaven on earth, let me explain that I work for Mars, Incorporated. This amazing company is famous for candies like SNICKERS® and STARBURST® (which is not chocolate but still deelish!) What you may not know is that it’s also the largest petcare company in the world, and a food company with favorite brands like BEN’S® Original (a whole other story for another time!)

Back to confections. In my office, there are bright yellow vending machines where every slot is free. For me, each visit is a trip down memory lane. I may recall enjoying SKITTLES® rainbow of flavors while reading, or the fun I’ve had working on various brands. For instance, I might remember the time spent at our advertising agency watching M&M’S® historical ads, taste tests to launch TWIX® Peanut Butter, or the years my family and I spent in China so I could lead the DOVE® Boxed Chocolate business.

If I’m able to tear myself away from the vending machine, there’s a freezer beside it filled with ice cream delights – M&M’S® Ice Cream sandwiches, SNICKERS® Ice Cream cones, DOVE® Bars, or KIND® Smoothie Bowls. And I always pop into the company store to buy goodies for friends and family. The top question I get is whether I’m tired of the treats. It’s been several decades and my answer is: not yet!

How does this relate to books? Chocolate is an indulgent accompaniment to reading. So, I’m known for bringing candies to in-person book clubs, speaking engagements, and book festivals! If you’re in New Jersey, contact me for a book club visit and if you’re outside my home state, please schedule a “sweet” virtual visit you’re sure to love!

Tastefully yours,
Carol Van Den Hende
award-winning author of GOODBYE, ORCHID

Carol Van Den Hende is available to visit with book clubs via NovelNetwork.