Don’t you just love the names book clubs call themselves?!

Meet the Hodgepodge Book Club, a group of eight readers from Memphis, Tennessee who enjoy reading fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, memoir and biography, non-fiction, thrillers, and women’s contemporary fiction. They engage not only in lively discussion of the book but also many other topics.

Book club manager Barbara shared with us about the origin of their group’s name:

“The name Hodgepodge came from the diverse ages and backgrounds of the ladies in the group. The youngest is in her 30s; oldest in our 60s and 70s. One is from France; another from Turkey – both in the USA now. Different reading interests, but all really curious. Also opinionated and honest. which creates great conversations.” Aha, that explains it! An appropriate name for your group, Barbara.

Wondering if these lovely ladies shared their story with Susan Meissner, who knows all about the importance of the (book) naming!

Book clubs, have you ever wondered how a book title came about? Might we suggest going to the source? Invite an author to visit with your book club today via