Book Club Manager Melinda shared with us:

“We had another wonderful book discussion with Susan (Meissner).  She was very generous with her time and provided much insight into her thinking process while writing her most recent book.   Our experience was also enhanced by the presence of one of her researchers who lives in the Quad-Cities.  Our group is very grateful to the Novel Network for encouraging these author interface opportunities.  We hope to take advantage of other opportunities in the future.  Unfortunately we neglected to take a picture of the group.   Everyone in our group was present for the discussion which really is quite unusual.  Thanks again for all you do.  And a special thanks to Susan for her openness and generosity.   I know I personally intend to keep reading your novels.  I think I’ve finished five and I have one at home right now.”  

Group photo shown was taken from the group’s first visit with Susan Meissner.

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