Tosca Lee

TOSCA LEE is a New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels, including The Line Between, A Single Light (September, 2019, Howard/Simon & Schuster), The Progeny, The Legend of Sheba, Iscariot, Havah: The Story of Eve, and the Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker. Her work has been translated into seventeen languages and been optioned for TV and film. She is best known for her meticulous research, masterful prose, unexpected points of view, and high-octane thrillers.

She is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2014 ELCA Book of the Year in Fiction for Iscariot and a Literary Titan award for The Line Between. In addition to the New York Times, her books have appeared on the IndieBound and Christian bestseller lists and Library Journal’s Best Of lists.

Tosca loves movies, food, traveling--and meeting book clubs! She lives with her husband and two of four children still at home in Nebraska and shares her adventures as an author, city-girl-turned-farmer’s-wife, and insta-mom of four (or five, if you count her 140-pound puppy)—on social media. To learn more about Tosca or request free signed book plates and bookmarks for your club, please visit:

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