Patricia Bracewell

Patricia Bracewell’s first novel Shadow on the Crown is set in 11th century England, and is the first book of her Emma of Normandy Trilogy. The second book, The Price of Blood, continues the story of this little known but twice crowned queen of England. Patricia is currently working on the final book of the trilogy. She holds degrees in English Literature and has studied Anglo-Saxon History both as an undergrad in the U.S. and as an independent scholar at the University of Cambridge’s Summer Study Program at Downing College. In 2014 she served as Writer-in-Residence at Gladstone’s Library in Wales where she participated in the Hearth Literary Festival. Her research has taken her to France, Denmark and, repeatedly, to Great Britain. Patricia was born and raised in California, where she taught literature and composition before embarking upon her writing career. She has taught writing workshops and spoken about writing and about her books to women’s groups, library groups, student groups, and book clubs. To learn more about Patricia please visit her website,


Menaced by Vikings and enemies at court, Queen Emma defends her children and her crown in a riveting medieval adventure Readers first met Emma of Normandy in Patricia Bracewell's gripping debut novel, Shadow on the Crown. Unwillingly thrust into marriage to England's King AEthelred, Emma has given the king a son and heir, but theirs has never been a happy marriage. In The Price of Blood, Bracewell returns to 1006 when a beleaguered AEthelred, still haunted by his brother's ghost, governs with an iron fist and a royal policy that embraces murder. As tensions escalate and enmities solidify, Emma forges alliances to protect her young son from ambitious men--even from the man she loves. In the north there is treachery brewing, and when Viking armies ravage England, loyalties are shattered and no one is safe from the sword. Rich with intrigue, compelling personalities, and fascinating detail about a little-known period in history, The Price of Blood will captivate fans of both historical fiction and fantasy novels such as George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series.

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