Katrin Schumann

Katrin is the author of the Washington Post bestseller, THE FORGOTTEN HOURS (Lake Union, 2019) and the forthcoming novel THIS TERRIBLE BEAUTY (2020) as well as numerous nonfiction books. The Forgotten Hours is about the fallout on a New York family when a teenager accuses her best friend's father of assault. In this book, Katrin explores the nature of loyalty, the intensity of female friendship and the mutability of truth, in a braided narrative that examines the limits of memory and perspective. This book gets readers thinking deeply about their beliefs about loyalty and love, and the lengths to which they would go--or not--to protect those they love.Currently Katrin is the Program Coordinator for the Key West Literary Seminar where she gets to deal with writers like Margaret Atwood, Lauren Groff and former poet laureate Billy Collins. For the past ten years she has been teaching writing, most recently at GrubStreet in Boston and in MA prisons.

After attending Oxford University and Stanford, Katrin worked behind-the-scenes in television and at NPR and was granted the Kogan Media Award. She was born in Germany, and grew up in New York City and London. Her work has been featured on TODAY, Talk of the Nation, and in The London Times, as well as other national and international media outlets, and she has a regular column on GrubWrites. Katrin can be found at katrinschumann.com, and on Twitter and Instagram: @katrinschumann.

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