Meet The Reading Renegades, a delightful group of readers from Indiana. Book club manager Kathy describes her group as follows: “We meet via Zoom, all live in Indiana. We are friends who live in different cities and we started our club at the beginning of Covid to stay in touch. Most of the time, we have authors join our group. We also use about half of each meeting doing something wacky or creative related to the book or the season. We are entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists in our day jobs. We have six members currently, and meet once a month. We enjoy reading all genres.”

Of their recent visit with bestselling author Lian Dolan, Kathy shared this beautiful review:

“We loved the book Lost and Found in Paris. It was a wonderful recommendation – thank you.  Lian gave us a spirited and thorough response to our questions.  We are grateful for her time.  
You’ve given us great referrals.  I made sure Lian Dolan knew how much we value the Novel Network.  Since she’s new to the Network she appreciated our endorsement.  
Thanks for all that you do to make our book club hummmmm!  Kathy”

Wow, we’re honored by your kind words and vote of confidence in our service, Kathy. Thank you!

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