The Sisters of the Morning Calm is a themed book club that was started by members who were assigned to the United States Department of Defense in South Korea. Members are now assigned around the world. They have ten members who meet monthly via Zoom, and enjoy various genres.

These lovely ladies enjoyed a (very fitting)Puerto Rico vacation theme for their recent visit with NYT bestselling author Julie Clark in discussion of THE LAST FLIGHT. Love the fun hats!!

Book club manager Jocelyn shared, “The book club members were grateful that Ms. Clark joined us. They appreciated that she was engaged and provided insight and clarification. We agreed that we will read her first book (THE ONES WE CHOOSE) in October.” Good selection(s), ladies!

Book clubs, don’t hesitate to invite an author back for a second visit for discussion of another of their books – and why not spice up your visit with a book related theme party?! Many of our authors offer book club visit suggestions and guides to enhance your group’s reading experience.