This book club from Mission Viejo, California, with eleven members, has been together for 19 years and has read over 200 books! They meet once a month, and enjoy reading historical fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, and fiction.

Of her group’s recent virtual visit with Kate Quinn, “super hero” book club manager Karen shared this:

“We had a great night!! Many in our group had no idea what to expect and Kate impressed everyone. She was engaging and answered all our questions. She even brought her husband in to share his thoughts. Such a great evening!! Thanks to NovelNetwork and Kate for making this available to our book club!! My book club friends keep thanking me for all I did to make this happen. The real thanks go to you; you made it easy and I looked like a book club super hero!!”

Karen, your super power has been revealed! Book clubs and groups, unleash your super power – schedule an author visit via