In 1998, fiery Eleanor “Els” Gordon thought the new century would find her married to her childhood soul mate, rejuvenating her family’s Scottish Highlands estate, and finally earning a managing director title at her investment bank. Maybe she’d even have the courage to discover why her estranged mother ran home to Italy thirty years earlier.

But when 2000 dawns, Els is mourning her fiancé and her father, and she’s unemployed, broke, and sharing an antique plantation house on the Caribbean island of Nevis with the ghost―or “jumbie”―of Jack Griggs, the former owner. Jack’s jumbie wangles Els’s help in making amends for wrongs committed during his Casanova life, and in exchange he appoints himself Cupid on behalf of a charter captain who’s as skittish about vulnerability as Els. Meanwhile, Els lures her mother to Nevis in hopes of unraveling the family secrets―but will the shocking truth set her free, or pull her fragile new happiness apart?

A moving and lyrical novel that transports readers from lush tropics to rugged highlands and back again, Alice C. Early‘s The Moon Always Rising explores how the power of forgiveness can help even the most damaged person fix whatever is broken.

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“Early’s prose is tight and lyrical, confidently capturing her characters and their emotional landscapes…The enchanting portraits of Nevis—and of…Scotland—help make this an unexpectedly memorable beach read.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Complicated and memorable… The Moon Always Rising finds a woman remaking her life abroad and a ghost repairing old rifts.” — 4 star Foreword Clarion Review

“The Moon Always Rising takes your imagination on a trip to lush Caribbean Nevis and the Scottish Highlands in an engrossing story about how love and forgiveness help broken people mend. I especially loved the fabulous ghost (jumbie)—such a unique and intriguing character!” — Martha Hall Kelly, author of international bestseller Lilac Girls and its prequel Lost Roses

“Readers will come to The Moon Always Rising for its pleasant narrative, for its realistic characters, for the intertwined stories of Els and her jumbie, Jack, but they will stay for the vivid descriptions of Nevis. Reading The Moon Always Rising is the closest you will get to experience the island without actually stepping foot in it.” — Paperback Paris

“Early is a consummate writer who so stunningly draws us into the very texture of her story that we can feel the humid tropical air and interior lives of her characters…We are fortunate that [her] rich tapestry of both characters and narrative creates a much-needed refuge during these challenging times.” — Martha’s Vineyard Times

“…by intertwining the stories of [Els Gordon and Jack Griggs] these two resilient scrappers, Ms. Early turns The Moon Always Rising into a thoroughly enjoyable tale of personal renewal. It’s been a whopping 75 years since Josephine Leslie (writing under the pen name of R. A. Dick) gave the world The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Alice Early has given that beloved old story a sensual and knowing tropical update.”
—Vineyard Gazette


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