Consumed by a myth about Zeus, a magic sword, and soul mates, Greek-American professor Thair Mylopoulos-Wright has spent much of her life searching for her Other Half. At thirty-one, she spends a summer in Greece; there, alone on a tranquil island, she begins writing stories about her grandmother’s experiences in 1940s Egypt, her mother’s youth in 1960s Greece, and finally, her own life in contemporary America―trying to make sense of her future by exploring the past. Spanning Thair’s life from thirty-one to thirty-six, Kimberly K. Robeson‘s The Greek Persuasion explores human sexuality, the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, and the choices women of different generations make when choosing―or settling―for “Mr. (or Ms.) Good Enough.” Will Thair ever find that missing part of her that Zeus chopped off with his magic sword? Or is the concept of The One just one big fairy tale that has left her searching for someone who doesn’t exist?

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2020 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards Silver Medal in Fiction: Cultural
2019 International Book Awards, Finalist, Fiction: Multicultural
2019 Sarton Women’s Book Awards Winner in Contemporary Fiction

“We enjoyed moving through the different settings of your novel and developed real bonds with Thair, Dita, and Phaedra. Your exploration of maternal relationships and female sexuality is nuanced and meaningful, which we always love to see as a feminist publisher.”
–Jennifer Baumgardner, former executive director/publisher of The Feminist Press and author of Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics

“Robeson makes her protagonist’s existential fretfulness about her future, and her feelings of uncertainty as she pursues a perfect romantic match, highly relatable. . . . Thair’s narrative will resonate with readers who are confronting their own unpredictable futures.”
Kirkus Reviews

“In her heartrending debut novel, Kimberly K. Robeson sets a quest for romantic fulfillment against an alluring Greek backdrop and a five-year journey of self-discovery. While documenting her family history and writing her own story, Thair engages in a string of relationships that ultimately helps her understand what she really wants. The Greek Persuasion explores the intricacies of sexuality, romance, and relationships. Robeson’s novel is an enchanting read from beginning to end.”
–Danielle M. Wong, author of Swearing Off Stars

“A complete and masterful insight into a woman’s mind. Kimberly K. Robeson offers an honest and brave encounter with her characters, making one become an invested spectator of women’s lives and their circumstance of love throughout time and in distant lands.”
–Alicja Bachleda, Actress, films include Ondine, Trade, and Pan Tadeusz

“Kimberly K. Robeson’s interweaving narrative of love stories combine modernity and myth in a tale that centers on multiple points of view without losing direction and is done with such ease. Human life is embedded in time and space, while at the same time exploring ethnic, sexual, generational, and temporal fluidity. . . . One is awed by an ending that balances closure and pathos; becoming and élan.”
–James Bland, PhD, Harvard, Recipient of an Academy of American Poets Prize, creative work in Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, Callaloo, Agni, among others

” . . . to find a way to convey how much I loved The Greek Persuasion . . . I felt like I was attached at the hip of Thair, the protagonist, all the way through her journey. A personal and raw novel, full of honesty, about one person’s journey to find her place as a woman in a modern society–because labels shouldn’t matter. Thair’s love for Dita (her grandmother) is fierce, for Phaedra (her mother) it’s complicated, and for her lovers it’s complex and clearly important to understand her true self. What a joy to read.”
–Amy Morse, Former VP of Marketing at McGraw-Hill

“This narrative discusses age-old questions in a contemporary context. . . . Like every mind that actively seeks fulfillment as ‘entelechy, ‘ Aristotle’s term for fulfilled potential, Thair must come to terms with her past–her Greek roots–and her future. . . . Robeson writes a novel that is both brave and sensual, and I look forward to reading her next book!”
–William Wallis, PhD, author of Hawk, and poet, collections include L.A. My Love, Sonnets, and One Moment More


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