Book clubs are off and running! The first official book club/author connection of 2023 honors belong to New York Times bestselling author Karen White and the lovely ladies of the Newport (Rhode Island) Public Library Wednesday book group. How fitting that they selected The Lost Summers of Newport for their first book of the year.

According to book club manager Kirby, this library group currently has 17 members registered to receive books and information regarding the scheduled meetings, and drop-ins occasionally. They meet monthly from September through May.

Of her group’s recent visit with Karen White, book club manager Kirby shared this thoughtful message:

“Our group had a great time with Karen today, and asked that I look into having more authors visit through Novel Network…This is the first time I’ve looked through all the authors(available through NovelNetwork), as I was looking to book with Karen specifically when I looked originally, but I am so excited about the options! This is a really cool service, and we will definitely be booking again!”

Please do, Kirby!

Book clubs, we encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through our ever-growing directory of exceptional authors, all available to visit with YOU! You’ll find everything you need to plot out your 2023 reading schedule AND can invite each author to visit with your group while you’re browsing, all at