The Darien Book Caucus describes their group as follows:

“We are a group of eight women who previously had professional careers in finance, marketing, international relations, art, and communications. We love to read and discuss ideas –and generally talk about a book for about an hour before venturing off into other topics (unlike my other book clubs which do a more cursory discussion). We are located in Darien, CT, USA, and meet about every six weeks. We enjoy reading all genres…and we are not afraid of challenging literature.”

Of their visit with Whitney Scharer, bookclub manager Joellyn had this to say:

“What an amazing experience it was to have Whitney join our book club discussion of The Age of Light tonight. We loved the book before we met with Whitney for its introduction to an unknown and fascinating artist, its rich descriptions of life in Paris in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, and the psychological tensions it conveyed as Lee Miller juggled her roles as muse, lover, and artist. Whitney’s insight added so much more! We loved meeting Whitney and understanding how she selected Lee Miller as her subject, why she structured the book the way she did, how she converted her research into rich elements of the story, the editing and publication process — and the parts of Lee Miller’s life that she elected not to include. Thank you, Whitney for sharing so much…what an amazing experience!” Thank you, Joellyn, for the lovely picture and recap!!

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