Smooth sailing, that’s what we like to hear! Thank you to book club manager Vicki for sharing with us about her group’s visit with Stephanie Storey:

“We had a fabulous book club meeting with Stephanie. ALL our members loved it – we were inspired to learn more about Michelangelo and Leonardo, even those of us who aren’t art history buffs. I can’t describe the enthusiasm that Stephanie spoke with at every turn – she is a gift to the world. None of us can wait for the movie to come out – we had fun “casting” it during our discussion.

What a wonderful service connecting authors to book clubs is! Attached is our picture (it is impossible to get everyone looking good at the same time but we tried!). Again, thanks Deborah for setting this up and thank you Stephanie for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!”

We think your group is beautiful, Vicki, and would love to know who you cast for the leading role(s)!

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