Dorothy Caldwell Minor, aka The Book Whisperer, believes that fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic Anne of Green Gables will find that author Logan Steiner has created a well-researched look into Montgomery’s life and legacy through her novel, After Anne.

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Dorothy’s review of After Anne:

As a long-time fan of Anne of Green Gables, I was delighted to receive a copy of After Anne: A Novel of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Life by Logan Steiner.  In her “Author’s Note,” Steiner explains how she treasured Anne of Green Gables. As an adult, Steiner read about Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life “and got chills.” She wanted to know more about the author’s life. During her research into Montgomery’s life, Steiner knew she wanted to tell Montgomery’s story the way Montgomery had told Anne’s.

Because Montgomery kept journals, Steiner could read Montgomery’s own words about her life and thoughts. After Anne is historical fiction which allows Steiner to fill in the gaps where information no longer exists. Her mother died when Montgomery was 21 months old. Her maternal grandparents then raised Montgomery in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. Because she was lonely, Montgomery developed imaginary friends. No doubt, these imaginary friends and the stories she developed played a part in Montgomery’s creativity in writing her stories.

Steiner has created a well-researched look into Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life and legacy through her novel. Steiner does not shy away from the difficulties Montgomery faced in her life; she also describes the successes with deliberation so that readers leave the story with a full picture of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

As a book club leader, I can see lively discussions over After Anne. In fact, I suggest pairing a reading (or a re-reading for many club members) of Anne of Green Gables along with After Anne. Or perhaps, a book club would consider one of Montgomery’s other novels to pair with After Anne. I can see the pairing of two books as offering an enhanced discussion of both books. The Alpine Path by Montgomery about her own writing career could be another choice to pair with After Anne. Regardless of whether a book club reads After Anne by itself or pairs it with a title by Montgomery herself, After Anne provides readers with a terrific story.

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