Dorothy Caldwell Minor, aka The Book Whisperer, finds a mystery sure to produce satisfying book club discussion in Michelle Cox‘s A Haunting at Linley.

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Dorothy’s review of A Haunting at Linley:

A Haunting at Linley by Michelle Cox is the seventh and last book featuring Henrietta and Inspector Howard. Like many other readers, I enjoy a series because the author continues to develop the characters. Readers come to know the characters as fully-rounded people. One could read A Haunting at Linley as a standalone mystery. On the other hand, those who become involved with the characters in this last installment will most likely wish to return to the beginning.

The story begins in England where Clive and Henrietta have gone to Castle Linley. They discover the estate is financially insolvent. Clive and Henrietta along with Clive’s cousin Wallace bring in an estate agent to give a valuation on the home. The story quickly moves forward when the agent is poisoned. When Clive must leave unexpectedly, Henrietta must solve the mystery alone. Is a ghost involved as Lady Linley believes? If not the ghost causing trouble, then who?

The story is told through three women: Henrietta, Elsie, and Julia. Readers may first wonder how these women are connected and how the stories will come together. Henrietta has been teaming up with Clive, her husband, to solve murders; this time, she is on her own. Elsie lives on a farm in Omaha, NE.  Julia has two young sons and is locked into an abusive marriage.

While there are very serious elements to each of the stories, readers will also discover some humor. The suspense will keep readers turning pages to discover each woman’s story and to learn of the connections.

For book clubs, mysteries often do not produce satisfying discussions. Such is not the case with A Haunting at Linley, however.  The dots that connect the women, a murder mystery, domestic violence, problems with health, and day-to-day living will all be topics of conversation for book club members. A satisfying read!

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