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The A-Town Girls book club from Colorado received the honor of participating in the first official author/book club video chat session via Novel Network!

On May 17, 2018, our book club connected via FaceTime with author Janelle Brown to discuss her New York Times bestselling novel, Watch Me Disappear.   Unanimous consensus – this book is a must read!

Prior to our scheduled chat, we shared a meal and a glass of wine together and discussed the book in general terms. This helped us to flush out some of our questions for the author so we could make the most of our 30 minute chat session.   As this was our first experience with this service, we didn’t know quite what to expect, and we wanted to be prepared and respectful of the time allotted.

As it turned out, we need not have done so much planning, as the  conversation flowed and before we knew it, our 30 minute session came to a close.   Our video chat was a huge success, Ms. Brown was charming and engaging, and we ended (too quickly) with rave reviews!

Christine – “Illuminating, gave added dimension to my initial interpretation of the book”

Robin – “What an enjoyable experience.  Loved the book and the author!”

Brenda G – “What an outstanding experience!  I gained a whole new perspective on the book.”

Christine M – “Thank you, what a treat!  Love this idea of author video chat.  Insightful, entertaining, the time raced by!”

Debbie –  “Very satisfying experience!   I feel like a kid in a candy shop – choosing between books and authors for our next book club meeting!”

Benda S – “Thank you Novel Network for making this happen!  The A-Town Girls are proud to be first and excited for the next book and video chat!  Janelle was a delight and loved her book!”

If you haven’t scheduled your author visit yet, what are you waiting for?!  You absolutely will NOT regret it!