“And many years later, during a Very Challenging Moment, they listened to the wind and watched the evening stars and listened to their own hearts and to the Creator of Creation, because they never forgot that night in the desert when they learned what to do first in a Very Challenging Moment.”

STARS Of WONDER is the fast-paced, courageous journey of four adventurous siblings who follow the brightest star in the night sky. Not knowing where their travels will take them or who they may meet along the way, they fight off dangerous animals, and meet a wise stranger as they overcome many unexpected struggles. As they travel hot desert sands, by day and night, they become separated and lost, and must rely on their curiosity and courage, as well as trust and cooperation, to attain their dream.

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What if the three magi who visited baby Jesus were children? This delightful new twist on a beloved story draws young readers right into the action as they travel toward Bethlehem and the new baby king.  Rebecca Dwight Bruff’s lyrical story-telling, heart-warming life lessons, and relatable characters blend perfectly with Jill Dubin’s vivid artwork to become an instant holiday classic!    –  Susan Diamond Riley, award-winning author of The Sea Turtle’s Curse and The Sea Island’s Secret

Stars of Wonder: A Children’s Christmas Adventure captures the essence of the search for Christ through the eyes of children. And in the search the children ­- and those of us reading – find the spiritual gifts we were all created to share. It’s a delightful, magical, and adventure-filled book. Adults will be as captivated as the children who read it. It is obvious that this book is written by a woman, a nana, who knows children well. She understands that life is journey and along the way, we discover who we are and who we are becoming!  This book has a similar quality to those wonderful classics such as J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” and C.S. Lewis’, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” but with a lighter feel and a timelessness that is beyond charming!      –  Dr. Leanne Hadley, Founder: A Time for Children


Author visits with Rebecca Bruff are available via NovelNetwork.com.