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Suanne Schafer


San Antonio, TX, USA


Fiction, Women's Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

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Suanne Schafer, born in West Texas at the height of the Cold War, finds it ironic that grade school drills for tornadoes and nuclear war were the same: hide beneath your desk and kiss your rear-end goodbye. Now a retired family-practice physician whose only child has fledged the nest, her pioneer ancestors and world travels fuel her imagination.
She originally planned to write romances, but either as a consequence of a series of failed relationships or a genetic distrust of happily-ever-after, her heroines are strong women who battle tough environments and intersect with men who might—or might not—love them.

Suanne completed the Stanford University Creative Writing Certificate program. Her short works have been featured in print and on-line magazines (Bête Noire; Brain, Child; Empty Sink Publishing; and Three Line Poetry) and anthologies: (Night Lights; Graveyard; 166 Palms; and Licked). Her debut women’s fiction novel, A Different Kind of Fire, explores the life of Ruby Schmidt, a nineteenth century artist who escapes—and returns—to West Texas. Suanne’s next book, Hunting the Devil, explores the heartbreak and healing of an American physician caught up in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.


I am honored to announce that A Different Kind of Fire is a finalist in the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association’s Star Award. It has also garnered a five-star award for excellence from the International Review of Books and a five-star award Readers’ Favorites .


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A Different Kind of Fire

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Hunting the Devil

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