The Third Thursday of the Month Book Club had a record number of attendees turn out for their much anticipated visit with bestselling author and book club favorite Mark Sullivan for discussion of his latest historical fiction novel, THE LAST GREEN VALLEY.

Book club manager Simon describes their group this way, “We are a zoom book club mostly spread across Canada and USA. On our private facebook group, we currently have 364 members, but on average we get so far this year around 30 or so/month. This number can fluctuate per month depending on factors.  We meet every third Thursday of the month. We enjoy reading historical fiction.”

The group’s visit with Mark was a great success, as attested to by some of the book club members in attendance:

According to Janis, “Mark Sullivan…was fantastic in providing more details about writing The Last Green Valley.”

“I absolutely loved the book The Last Green Valley and the session with Mark Sullivan was wonderful. Loved hearing about his travels, meeting the Martel family and the insight of putting the story together.” Rose Ann L

“Mark Sullivan was very engaging and likable. He spoke with passion and genuinely wanted you to know how he connected with the characters so you felt you were not reading fiction. The moderator was very well prepared and the format kept your interest. The hour flew by as it was so very interesting.” Luanne C

 “I thoroughly enjoyed our hour with Mr. Sullivan. So much research went into this book. I loved hearing about his contacts with Tony Robbins and James Patterson. And bless his 2nd grade teacher for giving him an assignment that would lead to who he is today!! ” Yvonne M

“I loved this book. Mark Sullivan was very generous with his time. He fully answered all the questions he was asked. This was my first Zoom call, and it was a wonderful experience. Also, the moderator, was very well prepared and kept the conversation flowing.” Jayne S

“I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this author tonight. Mark Sullivan, was very open, engaging and talkative as he answered questions about his books, writing process, detailed research, extensive travel, interviews, and sharing about his history as well. I loved both of his HF books ~ Beneath a Scarlet Sky and The Last Green Valley. I am so impressed by how much true history he is able to capture in his books, the characters, places and events. I am so impressed and just love his style of writing (even before hearing his talk tonight). Interesting discussion of how the people in these stories do not become “victims” from their experiences but rather they become empowered, motivated, and move forward to become very successful, and living such impactful lives. Such an interesting guest speaker! Jori (zoom facilitator) and Simon both did an excellent job for our group meeting – thank you for all the work you both have done to ensure our FB Third Thursday Book Club Group and the September Zoom Meeting is (was) successful!” Margaret B

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