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Leslie Lehr explores the duality of today’s women to navigate a new path between sexy and sacred.  Salma Hayek is developing Leslie’s critically acclaimed new memoir, A Boob’s Life, into a comedy series for HBO Max. A prize-winning writer, Leslie’s books include What A Mother Knows, a Target Recommended Read, Wife Goes On, and 66 Laps, winner of the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Prize. Her nonfiction books include Welcome to Club MomClub Grandma, excerpted on, and Wendy Bellissimo: Nesting, featured on Oprah.

Leslie’s personal essays have appeared in the New York Times Modern Love column (narrated by Katie Couric on NPR), HuffPost, Yourtango, and in anthologies including Mommy WarsThe Honeymoon’s Over, and On Becoming Fearless. She wrote the original screenplays for the indie romantic thriller, Heartless, and the comedy-drama, Club Divorce.

Leslie has also worked in film production, including Prince’s “Sign ‘O the Times,” Charles Bukowski’s “Barfly, “ and the cult thriller, “Witchboard.”

She has a BA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts where she won a Student Emmy, and an MFA from Antioch. A breast cancer survivor, she is “Chemo Chick” on

Leslie is the Novel Consultant for Truby Writers Studio and taught for ten years in the Writer’s Program at UCLA. Leslie is a judge for the WFWA debut novel contest, a member of PEN, the Authors Guild, WGA, Women In Film, the ACLU, and The Women’s Leadership Council of L.A.

Leslie Lehr has two daughters, two cats, and lives with her husband, John Truby, as close to the beach as possible in southern California.


Author Leslie Lehr wants to talk about boobs. She’s gone from size AA to DDD and everything between, from puberty to motherhood, enhancement to cancer, and beyond. And she’s not alone—these are classic life stages for women today.

At turns funny and heartbreaking, A Boob’s Life explores both the joys and hazards inherent to living in a woman’s body. Lehr deftly blends her personal narrative with national history, starting in the 1960s with the women’s liberation movement and moving to the current feminist dialogue and what it means to be a woman. Her insightful and clever writing analyzes how America’s obsession with the female form has affected her own life’s journey and the psyche of all women today.

From her prize-winning fiction to her viral New York Times Modern Love essay, exploring the challenges facing contemporary women has been Lehr’s life-long passion. A Boob’s Life, her first project since breast cancer treatment, continues this mission, taking readers on a wildly informative, deeply personal, and utterly relatable journey. No matter your gender, you’ll never view this sexy and sacred body part the same way again.

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“As women we are always asking ourselves, are we enough? Leslie Lehr’s witty, wise, and sometimes heartbreaking memoir, A Boob’s Life, uses our relationship with breasts, and the ways others define us through them, to explore what it means to live in a woman’s body. Original, thought-provoking, and with an elegant sense of humor, A Boob’s Life is a must-read.” — Salma Hayek

“Lehr combines stores from her own life with cultural analysis to illuminate our society’s fixation on the feminine form, breasts in particular, and how that focus shapes us all.” — People Magazine,”Best New Books”

“You might as well get to know the sacks of fat and tissue that form the major locus of human life, and there’s no better tour guide than Leslie Lehr, a witty writer and breast cancer survivor, who holds nothing back.  This is part memoir, part manifesto, part history.” — Glamour Magazine, “10 Best New Books to Read This Month”

“A serious and provocative book with enough lightness to keep the pages turning.” ― Kirkus Reviews

“Novelist and screenwriter Lehr blends memoir, history, and cultural criticism in this witty and incisive look at American attitudes toward women’s breasts. Lehr’s appealing sense of humor runs throughout, as does her sharp analysis of broader social issues. Lehr’s engrossing and empathetic account will appeal to women of all ages.” ― Publishers Weekly

“A unique blend of memoir and social history that should have broad appeal to anyone who has breasts or has ever worn a bra.” ― Library Journal

“When I was a little girl dreaming of having breasts, I had no idea about the non-stop ogling and boob worship I was in for as a woman in America. Leslie Lehr explains it all in this funny, passionate, upbeat book. You’ll never look at yourself in the mirror the same way again. Wow!” — Leslie Morgan Steiner, New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Naked Truth,’ ‘Crazy Love,’ and ‘Mommy Wars’

“Deeply personal, wisely funny, and moving. This isn’t just a fantastic, intimate memoir about how cancer, survival, and life in general changed Lehr’s entire relationship with her body parts, but an exploration of how our breast-obsessed culture, women’s lib, and men, have shaped our feelings about breasts.  Insightful, delightful, and eye-opening.” — Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You and With or Without You

“A powerful emotinoal chronicle of a young girl’s budding awareness of the power of breasts; a young woman’s negotiations as an object of male desire; a mother’s loving perspective on her children’s food source, and an adult woman’s struggle with a disease that could take her life.  An insightful, comprehensive, modern-day manifesto that champions a woman’s totality.” — Hope Edelman, bestselling author of Motherless Daughter’s and The AfterGrief

“Poignant, powerful, and ultimately hopeful—who would think a breast could properly capture the history of women in our country? A Boob’s Life makes you realize women in America have been through a lot.  That you have been through a lot.  Equality must be the next wave.  It can’t come soon enough.” — Kaira Rouda, international and USA TODAY bestselling author

“Told with heart, humor, hope, and a whole lot of sassiness.  Lehr fearlessly and candidly brings us along on her breast cancer journey and beyond.  Have a box of tissues at the ready as you read this deeply personal memoir.  You’ll need them to wipe away tears of heartache and laughter.” — Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence and This is How I Lied

“Brave, honest, and funny, this book will open your eyes, break your heart, and make you reflect on your own life and history.” — Brenda Janowitz, author of The Grace Kelly Dress


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