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Leah DeCesare’s childhood dream was to become an author though she never expected her first book to be about parenting. The Naked Parenting series stemmed from her main gig as mother of three and she writes between car pools and laundry.

Forks, Knives, and Spoons is her debut novel. (SparkPress, April 2017).  Leah has also written articles for publication in The Huffington Post, the International Doula, The Key, and other online outlets and local publications.

More than 25 years after her father used a fork, knife, and spoon to give one final lesson about boys before sending her off to college, Leah DeCesare shares the Utensil Classification System.

“I met my perfect steak knife even though he wasn’t in the package I’d expected. I have the most amazing husband and I want to let other young women know that they shouldn’t settle,” DeCesare says. “It’s important for women of all ages to be true to themselves and believe in themselves.”

Married for over 22 years, Leah’s current parenting adventures revolve around kids, tween and teenagers, creating the basis for her Mother’s Circle parenting blog, where she shares perspectives on parenting from pregnancy through teens.

Her pre-baby professional experience was in public relations and event planning and for the past fifteen years, her career has focused on birth, babies, and early parenting as a certified childbirth educator, a birth and postpartum doula.

In 2013, Leah spearheaded the Campaign for Hope to build the Kampala Children’s Centre for Hope and Wellness in Uganda and co-founded the nonprofit, Doulas of Rhode Island, in 2008.

She parents, writes and volunteers in Rhode Island.


Praise for Forks, Knives and Spoons

DeCesare‘s novel engages readers in her characters’ spirited pursuit of love and happiness and coming of age. Entertaining and lighthearted. Its readership will appreciate its positive message.
– The BookLife Prize

Reading Forks, Knives, and Spoons is like having your best girlfriend take you by the hand and tell you a story. A story you want to sit and listen to until the very end.
– Ann HoodNew York Times bestselling author of The Book That Matters Most

Leah DeCesare has a writer’s voice that is remarkable for a debut novel. The characters in Forks, Knives, and Spoons are so relatable and the story makes you long for your own youth. A wonderful book about love and growth, and discovering who you are and what makes you happy.
– Anita Hughes, author of Christmas in Paris


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