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Laura Zam is an author, speaker, certified trauma professional, and sexuality educator whose work focuses on sexual healing and preventing violation. Her writing appears in The New York Times, Salon, The Huffington Post, and The Forward as well as in seven book anthologies.

In 2013, Laura’s one-person play about healing in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, Married Sex, was presented at the New York International Fringe Festival and Off-Broadway (United Solo). Other one-person plays, keynotes, and speeches have been presented at The Kennedy Center, the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, The National Theatre, Columbia University, American Psychological Association, and many other venues in the U.S. and abroad. Media outlets that have covered Zam’s work include NPR, The Washington Post, PBS, The Huffington Post, The Guardian UK, The Prague Post, and others.

As an extension of her art practice, Laura has been conducting storytelling workshops with trauma survivors for the past twenty years, working with post-war teens from Bosnia, young adults from the Middle East, wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and victims of sexual violation. Workshop venues include the Omega Center, Walter Reed Army Hospital, and the DC Rape Crisis Center.

Grants include a Playwriting Fellowship from Brown University, Amiri Baraka Literary Prize, an Open Society Fund grant (Soros Foundation), a Tennessee Williams Fellowship, and three Artist Fellowships from DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Laura has taught at Brown University, UC Berkeley, George Mason, and other colleges. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Brown University, where she studied with Pulitzer Prize winners Paula Vogel and Nilo Cruz. She’s a member of the National Speakers Association and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

The Pleasure Plan: One Woman’s Search for Sexual Healing (Health Communications Inc.) releases on May 5, 2020.


Based on popular essays in New York Times’ Modern Love and Salon, as well as an Off-Broadway one-person play, The Pleasure Plan is a sexual healing odyssey, a manifesto for women to claim pleasure as a priority, and a love story all at once.

Fifty percent of adult women have some form of sexual dysfunction at some point of their lives, preventing them from enjoying vibrant, soul-satisfying sex. Such was the case with Laura Zam, who suffered the blame, shame, and embarrassment of feeling bedroom broken. 

For her, delving between the sheets meant physical pain, zero desire, and emotional scars from being molested in her early years. However, in her late forties, after meeting and marrying the love of her life, Zam was determined to finally fix her sensual self.   

The Pleasure Plan is what happened when she decided to challenge her hopelessness. In partnership with her initially reluctant husband, she visited 15 healers and tried 30 pleasure-enhancing methods: from dilators and dildos, to hypnosis and hosting a sex brunch, to cleansing chakras, to making love to her husband in front of a geriatric Tantric goddess.

Packed with humor, heart, and a healthy dose of prescriptive advice, this book chronicles Zam’s insights as she confronts many issues—from mismatched libidos to female erection enlightenment. Throughout this journey, she and her husband grow as individuals and as a couple, both in and out of the bedroom.

Fearlessly honest and full of inspiration, Zam peels back the layers—or covers—and exposes her foibles, insecurities, and eventual wisdom as she excavates past traumas, accepts and embraces her worth, and claims her right to be completely alive. 

Today, Laura works as a sexuality educator, wellness coach, and speaker helping other women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, the effects of trauma, or those who would simply like more pleasure (of all kinds) in their lives. She also consults with health care providers so they may better assist their clients in achieving sexual well-being.  

While The Pleasure Plan is Zam’s personal narrative, it demystifies pervasive taboos, encouraging women to make pleasure a priority, while teaching them how to claim (or reclaim) the power of their sexual selves. It also shows men how they can support their partners in this #Metoo era.

Healthy, sultry intimacy is a right; it is time for women to learn—through glorious trial and error—how to embrace the sensual side of themselves. . . exuberantly and unabashedly.


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