Meet the Bethlehem Book Club , described by book club manager Janet as a group of twelve women from their church who gather monthly in Encinitas, California, to select and discuss books (over wine of course!). They are an active, involved, and open-minded group who are curious and passionate about ongoing learning. They have known each other for many years, since their children were little, but didn’t form their book club until a few years ago. Currently in their 60’s and 70’s, and mostly retired, they enjoy reading mostly fiction, but sometimes essays and non-fiction which can range from scientists to Christian theology to the Dalai Lama.

This astute group definitely came away with some insider info shared by Kate Quinn during their recent visit in discussion of The Alice Network.

Words of appreciation offered by these lovely ladies:

“Thanks so much for setting it up. I think it went very well. I also enjoyed hearing her process of writing/researching/ publishing etc. her books. And I really liked her! (She could seriously be a part of our group!)” – Lori, book club member

“What a delightful afternoon with Kate Quinn! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her.” – Suzi, book club manager

A few things they learned (as shared by Suzi, book club manager):

Kate recommended a book she used in her research for “The Alice Network,” Women Heros of World War II” by Kathryn Atwood. 

Kate’s most recent book is “The Diamond Eye.” Next year, look for her new book, “The Briar Club” about the cold war.

She is working with Janie Chang on a book about the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, called “The Phoenix Crown.” Kate became friends with Janie on this infamous book tour:

Kate said that if anything could go wrong, it did on this tour. I can’t wait to read her blog!

Kate’s mom was a librarian, who Kate credits with giving her a love of history. Her dad was a professional jazz musician and gave her the love of music. She started music lessons at about the same time she wrote her first story, at about age 7! 

One of the most interesting things that Kate said (for me) was that her characters live on in her head. She knows their marital status, how many children they have, where the work, and so on. 

How do you gain such fascinating insight about an author? Well of course, you invite them to visit with your book club! Free visits available with Kate Quinn and the majority of our member authors via