Meet the Third Thursday of the Month Book Club, self-described by book club manager Simon as follows, “We are a zoom book club mostly spread across Canada and USA. On our private facebook group, we currently have 364 members, but on average we get so far this year around 30 or so/month. This number can fluctuate per month depending on factors.  We meet every third Thursday of the month. We enjoy reading historical fiction.”

How, you may wonder, does a book club of this size select their group read?

We asked Simon, who shared this:

“As for our set process, what we do is we post a call out on our Facebook group page for suggestions every six months from everyone – as to what books they want to read and then a few of us narrow them down to the top 10, unless a book is suggested more than once than those ones automatically make the top 10.

Once we have our top 10, we then compile them into a vote and send to all members to vote on. We give our members a voice and democratic process.”

Simon, your group certainly selected a winner with USA Today bestselling author Heather Webb’s THE NEXT SHIP HOME!

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