When Dr. Jessica Hemings volunteers for a medical mission in Rwanda, she becomes entrapped in the maelstrom of Rwandan politics and the enmity between Hutus and Tutsis. Her Tutsi features plunge her into the Rwandan Genocide. Dr. Cyprien Gatera, Jess’s superior and a Hutu radical, commandeers her clinic, slaughters her patients and her adopted sons, then forces her to treat his wounded. She escapes and survives three weeks in hiding before finding refuge at Benaco refugee camp in Tanzania.
There, Jess vows revenge. She searches for Gatera with the help of Michel Fournier, a French lawyer-turned-war-correspondent, and Dr. Tom Powell, her long-time lover. When an unknown informant passes information to Jess about her nemesis, she returns to Rwanda, despite warnings from the Belgian Secret Service that Gatera plans to assassinate her. In their final showdown, Jess must decide if revenge is best served cold or not at all.



“A moving journey of self-discovery and empowerment in the face of unimaginable brutality. Your mind and soul will not come away unscathed after reading this book. It will change you. Profoundly.”—Tara West USA Today Bestselling Author

“One of the best books I have read in a very long time. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, but be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted and the haunting scenes faithfully reflect what could and did happen and is still happening in more than one country right now. Hunting the Devil might shock you and shake you out of your daily cotton wool cocoon, but it’s true to life, and I applaud the author for bringing the horrendous subject of genocide to light.”—Lucinda E. Clarke Author, Amie: African Adventure

“In vivid and deeply textured scenes, Suanne Schafer creates a compassionate and strong female physician who endures horror and becomes a witness in the UN genocide trials, bringing justice to Rwandan victims. Hunting the Devil’s ‘eyewitness to history’ approach is by turns enthralling, horrifying, and ultimately heartbreaking.”—Alicia Rasley Author, The Year She Fell

“Hunting the Devil is a tightly-written, riveting novel layered with finely-crafted characters, the exploration of racism, and the horror of war’s effects on individuals. Schafer has crafted an exciting tale that culminates with a daring climatic courtroom scene that will resonate and remain with readers long after the last page.”—C. S. Fuqua Musician & Author, Walking after Midnight & Alabama Musicians: Musical Heritage from the Heart of Dixie


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