by Laura Zam

How are you feeling? I mean, right now? Great? Excellent? Tired? Overly caffeinated? Under-caffeinated?

Whatever state you’re in, it matters. It matters because you matter. Your body only goes around here once, and if it’s condition of wellness, of vitality, is…off, then the quality of your life suffers. Feeling good in our skin, or pleasure, is not a luxury. It’s a birthright.

Recently, I devoted eight years, full-time, to the pursuit of pleasure. The last year of this journey was putting down what I learned in a book called The Pleasure Plan¾a book I hope you will adopt for your book club. (I also hope you’ll invite me for a visit!)

I learned so much researching and writing this book about the benefits of pleasure¾in every aspect of our lives. I’d love the chance to speak about this topic with you. I’d love to affirm your right to delight, and authentic satisfaction.

There are so many obstacles women face in finding pleasure, like systemic sexism and pervasive lack of education about how female bodies work. I found out how to overcome those obstacles on my journey. Specifically, I discovered solutions for a range of problems: low libido, orgasm difficulty, painful sex, and more. During my visit, I’m happy to field questions about these issues (I’m also a Sexuality Educator).

When women (and people of all genders) gather for discussion about pleasure, and sexual healing, we empower each other to let go of shame. We give each other permission to ask our partners, our therapists, and also our medical doctors, for the help we need mending our sensual selves and seizing bliss.

May we all find joy in our body. May we all see how meaningful it is to be fully alive.

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