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Heather Webb is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of nine historical novels, including her up and coming Queens of London set to release in 2024, and her most recent novels, The Next Ship Home and Strangers in the Night. In 2015, Rodin’s Lover was a Goodread’s Top Pick, and in 2018, Last Christmas in Paris won the Women’s Fiction Writers Association STAR Award. Meet Me in Monaco, was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Goldsboro RNA award in the UK, as well as the 2019 Digital Book World’s Fiction prize. Three Words for Goodbye was a Prima Magazine’s 2022 Book of the Year. To date, Heather’s books have been translated to seventeen languages. She lives in New England with her family and a mischievous kitten.


Maybe women can have it all, as long as they’re willing to steal it.

1925. London. When Alice Diamond, AKA “Diamond Annie,” is elected the Queen of the Forty Elephants, she’s determined to take the all-girl gang to new heights. She’s ambitious, tough as nails, and a brilliant mastermind, with a plan to create a dynasty the likes of which no one has ever seen. Alice demands absolute loyalty from her “family”—it’s how she’s always kept the cops in line. Too bad she’s now the target for one of Britain’s first female policewomen.

Officer Lilian Wyles isn’t merely one of the first female detectives at Scotland Yard, she’s one of the best detectives on the force. Even so, she’ll have to win a big score to prove herself, to break free from the “women’s work” she’s been assigned. When she hears about the large-scale heist in the works to fund Alice’s new dynasty, she realizes she has the chance she’s been looking for—and the added bonus of putting Diamond Annie out of business permanently.

A tale of dark glamour and sisterhood, Queens of London is a look at Britain’s first female crime syndicate, the ever-shifting meaning of justice, and the way women claim their power by any means necessary, from USA Today bestselling author Heather Webb.

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“Webb returns with this compelling glimpse into London’s underworld in the 1920s. Readers will cheer for Lilian’s straight-arrow ambition, Hira’s innocent desperation, and Dorothy’s generous spirit. Add in Diamond Annie’s criminal intrigue, and Webb is able to weave a rich tapestry of women’s lives in the early 20th century. Webb’s storytelling shines, culminating in a fast-paced chase and a deeply gratifying finale.”—Stephanie Dray, NY Times bestselling author of Women of Chateau Lafayette and My Dear Hamilton

“Strong women, ripped-from-the-headlines history, and page-turning suspense in a rich setting, Queens of London grabbed me and would not let me go. From the opening salvo, Heather Webb spins an atmospheric and heart-thumping journey into the heart of 1920’s London… With a cast of vibrant and witty wise-cracking women, and an orphan who might upend it all, this novel will keep you guessing (and holding your breath) until the last satisfying page. Known for her immersive historical fiction, Heather Webb has done it again and better than ever!”Patti Callahan Henry, NY Times bestselling author of The Secret Book of Flora Lea

“Webb lures readers into a page-turning, high-stakes game of cat and mouse in her latest historical novel, Queens of London. When Lilian Wyles, one of the first female police officers at Scotland Yard, crosses paths with Alice Diamond, queen of the all-female crime syndicate the Forty Elephants, neither woman will stop until they achieve their own forms of ‘justice.’ But what neither Lilian nor Alice  realizes is that there’s more to justice than meets the eye, and in a world disinclined towards women like them, they must redefine loyalty and fairness to prevail. Compelling and suspenseful.”—Marie Benedict, NY Times bestselling author of The First Ladies

“An action-packed story full of glamor and danger, Queens of London transports readers into London’s criminal world where Diamond Annie rules as queen and Officer Lilian Wyles is the only woman cunning enough to stop her. A gritty, glittering edition to any reader’s shelf.” —Julia Kelly, international bestselling author of The Last Garden in England

“Three unique but disparate women and a young orphan are brought together by love, loyalty and crime in 1920s London. With highly engaging characters and vivid peeks into the secret haunts of history, Queens of London is a fascinating and cleverly rendered story of resilience and determination that kept me reading long into the night.”—Shelley Noble, NY Times bestselling author of The Tiffany Girls

“Diamond Annie is a true original—a heroine who is tough, feisty, and handy with a blade, yet also capable of compassion, even if it’s against her better judgement. Queens of London captures the stench and squalor of Elephant and Castle in the 1920s, in contrast to the glitter and fragrance of the new department stores in the West End. The dialogue is as sharp as Annie’s blade, and the plot as fast-paced as her ‘Elephants’ fleeing after a heist. It’s an unforgettable story of vulnerable but resourceful women finding ways to survive and thrive in a world where the odds are heavily stacked against them.”—Gill Paul, USA Today bestselling author of A Beautiful Rival

“Four fascinating characters whose lives intertwine to create one page-turner of a novel, Queens of London by Heather Webb, is an absorbing tale of three women and a young girl who take charge of their lives and excel at their chosen professions. Still, when those lives collide, you’ll never forget Alice, Lillian, Dorothy, or Hira and the choices they make. Set in 1920s London, the novel’s action revolves around the infamous Forty Elephants, a gang of female thieves who robbed London’s best high-end department stores—led by Diamond Annie, aka Alice. The tale of a lady detective, an honorable thief, a department store clerk, and an orphan in Webbs’ skilled hands will keep you reading until the wee hours. A must-read.”—Denny S. Bryce, author of Wild Women and the Blues


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