Carlotta Moon, eighty-one years old, is the uncontested leader of Carlotta’s Club–and has been for as long as anyone can remember. Her loyal followers have always obediently thrown themselves into every new scheme she has ever proposed. Her most recent project was turning Norbert, a retired accountant, into a reluctant fortune-teller. Her ideas for future adventures are limitless, as is her confidence that her Club will always follow her.

Enter Mabel Paine.

For the first time, Carlotta finds an unlikely yet worthy opponent in a bizarre infiltrator. A stranger who bears an uncanny likeness to Carlotta’s oldest friend Margaret comes to town and threatens to hijack their Club. To add to the chaos, Carlotta’s niece brings an angry foster child “with behavior problems” into the family circle. To cope with both newcomers, Carlotta must learn her life lessons about love and belonging.

Getting Rid of Mabel follows the characters that first came to be in The Reluctant Fortune-Teller. Norbert Z is here again, playing a supporting role to his nemesis, Carlotta Moon.

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“I loved this book! The action starts right away and it is funny and compelling every step of the way. This book would appeal to a wide range of readers and I feel I could recommend it to anyone. It’s humorous but also tackles real life issues. Loved it!” – Claire, Goodreads review

“Extremely well written with real characters I can relate to and understand. Funny and believable I laughed out loud. I honestly feel I know these characters. I hope there’s another book coming!” – Tom, Goodreads review

“Light-hearted, uplifting, smart, and humorous. Highly recommended!” – Natalia, Goodreads review


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