How does the Author Visit booking process work?

Bookings are subject to confirmation by Author, so the Author will receive an email notification when a booking is requested by a Book Club member:

To view a list of your bookings:

To view the booking details:
Click on the Order #

To change the details of a booking:
Including date/time/venue/video chat, click “View Booking”
Make changes, then click “Save Booking”

To Confirm a booking:
Click “Confirm Booking”

To Cancel a booking:
Click “View Booking”
Under “Order status” select “Cancelled”
Click “Save Booking”

To email the Book Club member who made the booking:
View Bookings:
then click on the email address under “Booked By” for that booking.

Once an Author confirms a booking, the Book Club member will receive an email notification with a link to “Pay for booking”: