On inviting Huda Al-Marashi for an in-person visit and discussion of Huda’s debut memoir, FIRST COMES MARRIAGE, here’s what San Diego based Book Sisters Book Club members had to say:

“She is self-reflective, open  and honest, articulating the dilemmas and challenges an American of the Muslim religion faces. It was a meaningful evening.”

“The author made her book and her motivations come alive in a way I hadn’t gotten to on my own.” 

“I loved her honesty and openness in the book and again at our meeting with her, and she deepened our understanding by telling us more about why she wrote the book.” 

“I found it very interesting to hear about her motivation and initial target audience. Also it opened my eyes even more to how affected young immigrants are when their “normal ” teenage angst gets compounded by the constant awareness of being an immigrant and thus being “different ” and possibly unwelcome. “

“In an interview Huda said “If someone outside the fold- someone who’s afraid of Muslims-read my book & came away from it with a different perspective, I’d consider my life well lived.” Thinking Huda realized her goal. Wasn’t she lovely? Know her book changed my perspective. “

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