Jillian Lauren’s Book Harem (aka The Book Sisters) had a great FaceTime chat with Jillian on October 10th.

Book club member Susan shared that, “She was candid and funny and completely fascinating. When asked about what she is most proud of, she said that her storytelling is a gift that helped her save her life.”

Book club member Linda shared, “Thank you NovelNetwork for arranging the video call with Jillian Lauren. I find that engaging with the author not only enhances the book they wrote, it adds a whole other dimension to the overall experience. When you read a memoir as personal as Some Girls you tend to form an image and an opinion of the writer which may less than charitable, perhaps even somewhat judgmental. However, “meeting” Jillian Lauren in person on video chat and learning about her life now as a teacher, author, wife, mother, and philanthropist, gave me a new and fuller understanding and appreciation of her.”

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