Book Club Membership


Book Clubs join FREE!

Become a Book Club Member of NOVEL NETWORK® for FREE!  Receive exclusive access to a directory of Authors offering their services to readers like you.

Who can join?

To join as a Book Club you must have at least 6 and no more than 30 members in your Book Club.

How do we sign up as a Book Club?

  1. Designate someone in your Book Club as your Book Club “Manager”.
  2. First the Book Club Manager must sign up for membership here.
  3. When the Book Club Manager joins NOVEL NETWORK® their group will be added to our directory of member Book Club groups.
  4. Book Club members can then join NOVEL NETWORK® using their Book Club group name.

After you join

NOVEL NETWORK® Book Club members can access the website, create a Book Club Group profile, view Author profiles, book and host visits with Authors, and become eligible for Book Club prizes and giveaways!

Book Club Membership Benefits

Book Club Profile

Tell Authors who you are as a Book Club: what you read, how you want to connect, and more!  Once you and your group have signed up, you will be directed to creating a Profile for your club. After you have entered your information to create your Profile you will become a part of our literary community and be added to the Book Club directory and begin to be able to use our Book Club Match program.

Book Club Match

Once your Book Club Profile is set up, the fun begins!  

Connect with Authors around the world through our innovative access portal where you can find Authors looking to meet with Book Clubs just like you! As a Member, you are given exclusive access to our directory of Author members.     

Arranging an Author Visit is made quicker than ever with NOVELNETWORK®.   Simply visit our database of authors, select an author’s profile, visit their calendar of availability, and make your reservation for an Author visit online.

With a minimum 6 person/maximum 30 person membership, Book Clubs can choose from either a free 30-minute video chat session (offered by most authors),  or if you really want to dig deeper and take your Book Club discussion to the next level,  you can choose an expanded 1-2 hour in-person or video chat visit * (depending on location and Author availability). 

*NOVELNETWORK® aims to ensure that our Authors’ time is appreciated and valued.   While writing is their passion, it is also their job: they are both Authors and Entrepreneurs.  Accordingly, a nominal reservation fee, similar to the price of a movie ticket per member,  will be charged for those optional expanded visits.