Author Membership


Join as an Author and get exclusive access to the Book Club members of NOVEL NETWORK™, promote your book and grow your writing and entrepreneurial skills with our hands-on workshops.

To become an Author Member of this innovative program, you must meet at least one of the following criteria, and you further agree to include this link to NovelNetwork on your website for book club visits:

  • Your print book has been published by a major traditional press (or any imprints thereof), such as Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group, Algonquin Books, Workman Publishing, Macmillan Publishers, Bloomsbury Publishing,  Wiley, Kensington Publishing Corp., Harlequin Books, or University Presses
  • You have been awarded a major national or international literary honor or award, or a One Book, One City Program Honor
  • At least one of your self-published book(s) has sold 5000+ print copies

If you are unsure if you meet the above criteria, please contact us prior to submitting your application for clarification.  Please note that these criteria will be reviewed, and if you fail to meet the Requirements for Membership, your Membership will be terminated.

If you do not meet the above criteria, but would like to appeal a special case for membership, you may submit an application to be reviewed at the discretion of Novel Network™.

Membership LevelsMember Benefits


  • Author Profile +Book Club Match +Community Calendar Access +Workshops +Discounted Pricing on Workshops +Networking Opportunities +Featured Exposure +Optioned for Hire -Author Exchange Program


  • Author Profile +Book Club Match +Community Calendar Access +Workshops +Discounted Pricing on Workshops +Networking Opportunities +Featured Exposure +Optioned for Hire +Author Exchange Program

Author Membership Benefits


With the CONNECT Membership for Authors you get these features:

Author Profile

Tell readers who you are as an author: what you write, how you want to connect, and more!  Upon obtaining membership to NOVEL NETWORK™ each member creates a personal profile. Your Author Profile is designed specifically to let readers know who you are as an author and how you are looking to engage with Book Clubs. After you have entered your information you will become a part of our literary community and be added to the author directory, where Book Clubs can browse and discover you based on genre, location, services offered, etc.

Book Club Match

Connect with reading audiences around the world through our innovative access portal where you can find Book Clubs looking for authors just like you!  As a member you are given exclusive access to the Book Club members of NOVEL NETWORK™ who are searching for way to connect with authors. We offer an innovative way to easily connect with these readers through an online Bulletin Board where Authors can browse listings posted by Book Clubs. These groups are looking for the enhanced reading experience that comes from meeting with Authors in person, over video chat, or even by simply having special discussion questions to help them further engage with a story.

Arranging an ‘Author Visit’ is made quicker than ever with NOVEL NETWORK™.  Through your Author Profile you can access your Availability Calendar where you can input the times you are available and how far you are willing to travel to meet with a Book Club. After connecting (through the Bulletin Board or by browsing and using our simple messaging forum) Book Clubs can view your Availability Calendar and make a reservation for an Author Visit online.  Once you approve that the Book Club meets your personal requirements, your visit is confirmed and added to your calendar!

NOVEL NETWORK™ aims to ensure that our Authors’ time is appreciated and valued.  For this reason, when Book Clubs schedule an Author Visit they are charged a reservation fee to be distributed to the Author for their time.

Community Calendar

Easily use our interactive calendar to advertise upcoming events for your book!  Have an open reading or book launch coming up? As a NOVEL NETWORK™ member you have exclusive access to our Community Calendar where you can post your upcoming public events. Visible to all visitors of our Calendar can help navigate traffic to your next event and expand your audience of readers.


As an author there is always more to discover and learn. Don’t miss out on hands on workshops from experienced professionals on how to continue to grow as a writer and become a better entrepreneur.  NOVEL NETWORK™ knows there are many facets to being a successful Author, even after publication. Our vision is based on the idea that to be a great Author you must also be an entrepreneur and never stop expanding your skills. Periodic Workshops* with professionals specialized in areas like public relations, videography, event planning, social media, and more allow you to develop those skills while also networking with members of the literary community.

*Workshops are currently only available in Southern California, primarily the San Diego area.


With ENGAGE Membership you get everything in CONNECT, plus these features:

Discounted Workshops

Workshops are ticketed events and only discounted to Engage and Expand Members.  Networking Events are currently only available in Southern California, primarily the San Diego area.

Networking Opportunities

As with any career, one of the most important parts of being a professional author is building connections within your field and growing your network.

Join us at periodic Author Salons where other members will be invited to come and mingle. When Authors come together great bonds are formed over keen perspectives on literature. Allow your peers in the industry to not only become your friends, but also your advisors. Whether you are a new author or a seasoned multi-published bestseller, there is always more to learn in the book world. NOVEL NETWORK™ Networking events* are designed to facilitate discussion and encourage new connections.

*Networking Events are currently only available in Southern California, primarily the San Diego area.

Featured Exposure

More exposure equals more readers, it is as simple as that.

Engage Members will be given featured spots on the media outreach campaigns devised by NOVEL NETWORK™.  Each week our Newsletter goes to every Book Club member in the network.  As a featured Author of the Week you can reach a whole new audience of readers who may be outside of your genre and typical readership.

Optioned for Hire

Do you want to do more with your career as an Author? If you are looking for paid speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, and more then you’re ready to Engage through your NOVEL NETWORK™ membership.

NOVEL NETWORK™ is the sister company to Adventures by the Book, one of the premier literary event planning companies since 2011. As an Engage Member you will be placed on an elite list of Authors optioned for hire by the multitude of companies, libraries, and organizations in partnership with Adventures by the Book.


With EXPAND, you get everything in ENGAGE, plus our Author Exchange Program:

Author Exchange Program

Have you ever wished you could go visit a different city to promote your book, but felt limited by the cost and lack of familiarity with the community of the place you are visiting?  NOVEL NETWORK™ can help you Expand to those new cities with our Author Exchange Program.

Similar to community networks like and, NOVEL NETWORK’s goal is to create a stronger global literary network.  An Expand Membership gives you access to Authors willing to host you in their home, free of charge, while you visit their community. In exchange, if they or another Author is interested in visiting your city you also open your home.

Staying with a local Author affords you great opportunity: not only will you benefit professionally by visiting a new audience (with expert recommendations from your host on where the heart of their home’s literary community resides), but the personal benefit is just as grand.  Our Author Exchange program is an opportunity to meet your peers, develop new connections, go on unexpected Adventures, and build lasting friendships through the power of books.