Our Mission

NOVEL NETWORK® is a global space dedicated to connecting authors with avid readers, an expanded professional network, and published peers.  NOVEL NETWORK® was created to help authors find more innovative ways to connect with readers and promote their books to wider audiences..

Our Story

NOVEL NETWORK® (formerly the SoCal Author Academy) was founded in 2012 by Susan McBeth, the name behind some of the most unique author events and travels around the world.

Susan initially launched Adventures by the Book™ in 2011 to connect readers with authors and their books through custom designed, interactive literary events and travels. From her previous bookstore experience, Susan observed that the world of publishing was changing dramatically, yet traditional book signings and author events were, in large part, not following suit.  As a result, she wanted to offer alternative, multi-sensory opportunities that encouraged readers to more intimately connect with authors.

With the success of Adventures by the Book™, Susan was soon bombarded with requests from authors, as well as, publicists and agents, who were desperately seeking for innovative ways to connect with readers and promote their books to wider audiences.  NOVEL NETWORK® was conceived from Susan’s desire to help those writers achieve those goals and build a global literary community.

Founder & CEO

Susan McBethNOVEL NETWORK® founder Susan McBeth has specialized in event management for over twenty years. Before launching NOVEL NETWORK® and Adventures by the Book™, she was the Director of Marketing and Events for one of the oldest independent bookstores in the United States. Through her career, Susan has had extensive experience working alongside publishers, publicists, agents, authors, and readers. Her experience and creativity led her to develop a dynamic brand of literary events designed to meet and exceed the expectations of readers and authors.

Susan is the author of a chapter in Everyday Book Marketing and she is a contributing editor to international online magazine Wine Dine & Travel, with her column “Travel by the Book”. She has been featured on NBC San Diego, KPBS, The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine, Women’s Radio, and many more. Susan is a facilitator for the Osher Institute’s ‘Ed’-ventures and sits on the committee for KPBS One Book, One San Diego. She holds a Masters in Comparative Literature with an emphasis in German Literature from San Diego State University; her thesis was titled “The Historicity of Fiction in Holocaust Literature.”

Adventures by the Book™

Adventures by the Book™ offers worldwide opportunities for readers to connect with authors and their books on an intimate basis through unique, interesting, and adventurous travels & events.