It sounds almost magical – the Tiny Forest Book Club enjoying a virtual visit with Tory Bilski discussing Tory’s wondrous memoir, Wild Horses of the Summer Sun. What a great escape!

This delightful book club is self-described as “A lively group of six women who love to read, share insights and have meaningful discussions, especially from women writers. We meet 2x per month and are located in Milford, CT/USA. This is our first book club together.”

Of their recent visit with Tory Bilski, book club manager Ella shared this with us:

“Our group really enjoyed our talk with Tory. She was engaging, warm and open to all of our questions. We felt like she has always been a part of our book club. Her book was a fun fantasy about women our age – 45+ who dream of adventures and the courage it takes to step out of our comfort zone. We halfway joked about going to Greenland as a group:)”

Book clubs, plan your escape. Let our Novel Network authors sweep you away!