With so many new books being released this summer by women, it’s easy to find a great new pick for your book club. From women’s fiction to romance, historical fiction and even a thriller/mystery pick, there’s something every book club will love on this list.

Greedy Heart by A.P. Murray

In 2006, Delia Mulcahy finds herself living in a desolate apartment in Florida and buried under her student loan debt. However, all of this changes when she’s offered a job at Wall Street’s top hedge fund. Before long, she finds herself neck-deep in the cutthroat world of big-stakes trading, forcing her to make risky decisions that could change everything about her life. Desperate to make her millions and create a new life for herself, she finally begins to come back down to Earth when her risky decisions begin to threaten all of her relationships. 

2. Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

After finding little success using her college degree, Nina now spends her days helping her boyfriend steal from rich kids in Los Angeles. When her mother falls ill, Nina knows that she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she stays well, enacting one of her most dangerous schemes yet. As Nina plots this new endeavor, privileged young heiress Vanessa finds herself nursing a broken heart after breaking off her engagement. Escaping to her family’s estate—a place full of secrets—she finds her life suddenly intertwined with Nina’s as the two women team up to pull off the greatest scam of their lives. 

That’s Not a Thing by Jacqueline Friedland

Meredith Altman has done her best to not think about her ex-fiancé Wesley after their engagement ended in tragedy. Years later, Meredith finds herself engaged to a new man, Aaron, and as the two are celebrating their engagement at a hot new restaurant, she’s shocked to learn that Wesley is the restaurant’s owner. Connecting with her lost love once again, she also learns of his recent ALS diagnosis. As the two spend more time together, she starts to see Aaron’s true colors, forcing her to question the man he really is and the direction her life is headed if she stays with him. 

Salt the Snow by Carrie Callaghan

Journalist Milly Bennett has covered all kinds of important world events, but her latest mission in 1930’s Moscow will prove to be her most difficult endeavor yet. With her Russian husband having just been arrested by the secret police, it’ll be up to Milly to get him out of jail. But in order to get him out, she’ll have to work through the devastating secrets that have been brought to light since her husband’s arrest. Milly will have to be strong for both herself and her husband if she wants to bring him home and save their marriage.  

5. If You Must Know by Jamie Beck 

Amanda Foster and Erin Turner are two sisters with very little in common. Erin is the wild child who plays life according to her own rules while her sister Amanda feels the need to compulsively follow the rules others have set for her. Living very separate lives in their hometown of Potomac Point, everything changes for the distant sisters when a life-altering event forces them to face truths they’ve spent their whole lives avoiding. If they want to keep their family together and protect their reputation, Amanda and Erin will have to learn to trust one another and work together.   

You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

Actress Jasmine Lin Rodriguez is just recovering from a PR nightmare that plastered her recent breakup all over the tabloids. Returning to New York City to begin filming a new bilingual romantic comedy that promises to be a huge success, all she can think about it nailing the role and watching her career explode. But when she and her on-screen love interest begin to find chemistry of their own, Jasmine gets distracted. When the media begins to ruin Jasmine’s new image and her co-star’s biggest secret is revealed, the two will have to decide whether or not their connection is worth losing their success over. 

The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder

Unfortunately for Etta Huber and her husband, both of their sons were called to serve Germany during WWII. With the war coming to an end, Etta is excited to soon have both the boys home. But when her eldest, Max, returns from fighting on the frontlines, she notices that something about him has severely changed. Trying to help Max return to his normal life, Etta finds herself doing it on her own as her husband has become increasingly more distant. Meanwhile, Etta’s youngest son Georg has decided to leave the school for Hitler Youth that he was attending and begins a dangerous journey back home. 

8. The Last Blue by Isla Morley

It’s 1937 and two young men have just been sent to explore the unknown areas in Appalachia on the request of Franklin Roosevelt and his administration. But this job proves to be much more difficult than young photographer Clay Havens had anticipated. Heading to a remote place that many have warned against visiting, Clay and his writer partner are determined to tell the true story behind this mysterious town. Discovering Jubilee Buford, a woman whose skin is a shade of blue, Clay realizes that this assignment is one that will completely change his life.

Of Literature and Lattes by Katherine Reay 

When Alyssa Harrison left to pursue a new life in Silicon Valley three years ago, she didn’t have any plans of returning to her hometown of Winsome, Illinois. But when the company collapses and Alyssa is left broke and lost, she finds herself back in Winsome to regroup. Also new to town is single father Jeremy Mitchell who moved to Winsome to be closer to his daughter and open a coffee shop. However, Jeremy’s hopes begin to fade as his new business threatens to crumble. Enlisting Alyssa’s help to save the shop, the two are pulled together and apart as they try to figure out how to make room for romance in their complicated lives.   

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert 

Dani Brown has been through enough tough relationships to know that she doesn’t want anything serious. When she is rescued by security guard Zafir Ansari during a fire drill and a video of the heroic act is posted online, the two quickly find themselves bound to one another. With everyone shipping the two as a real couple, Dani agrees to play along despite the fact that all she wants with Zaf is an easy friends-with-benefits arrangement. As the publicity of their relationship begins to help out Zaf’s sports charity for kids, Dani finds herself forming intense feelings for Zaf that she had never expected, making her wonder if they could ever be a real couple after all.

The DNA of You and Me by Andrea Rothman

Emily Apell has just started working at a prestigious research lab and is determined to make a scientific breakthrough that will give her career the boost it needs. But when she finds out her new colleague Aeden Doherty is working on a similar topic, she decides it’s smarter to work together than against one another. As they work towards their common goal, they also find an attraction between each other that causes Emily to ignore her hesitations and pursue a relationship with Aeden. However, everything changes when he leaves the lab and Emily behind. It’s not until years later, as Emily is about to receive an important award that she finally begins to understand what happened between them all those years ago.

12. The Distant Dead by Heather Young

When middle school math teacher Adam Merkel’s body is found in a small Nevada town, it forces many in the community to get involved and figure out what happened out in the high desert hills of Lovelock. While Adam’s colleague Nora Wheaton begins to look into the last few months of his life, she also tries her best to befriend Adam’s best student, Sal Prentiss—the boy who stumbled upon Adam’s body less than a mile from his uncle’s property. Beginning to think that the boy knows more about the death than he’s letting on, Nora does everything in her power to gain his trust and find out what really happened to Adam.  

Luz by Debra Thomas

Everything changed for Alma Cruz in 2000 when she decided to chase after her missing father. Having disappeared three years before after leaving Oaxaca to work on the farms in California, Alma never got the closure she needed. Determined to find out what happened to him, Alma and her sister Rosa began the dangerous trip from their home in Oaxaca to the United States border. It’s through this perilous journey that Alma learns about the true meaning of family and the impact of falling in love for the first time. 

The Engineer’s Wife by Tracey Enerson Wood

Emily Warren wants to make a big change in the world and, as a result, is crushed when her husband, Wash, asks her to give up her dreams so he can pursue his. The Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s not long before Wash is injured on the job, forcing Emily to take his place and finish the job. Despite her lack of experience, Emily steps in to help, all the while questioning whether or not she’s building her legacy or her husband’s. By the time the bridge is done, Emily finds herself fighting for her marriage, her true identity and her principles.  

Perfect Distraction by Allison Ashley 

Lauren Taylor knows exactly what she wants from life and currently, all she’s focused on is completing her residency. But all of that takes a turn when she runs into the impossibly handsome Andrew Bishop at a coffee shop. Initially believing it was just a random run-in, she’s surprised when she runs into him again at the cancer center where she works and he is a patient. Friends first, it’s not long before they both develop romantic feelings for one another. As much as Lauren wants to be with Andrew, she finds herself struggling with the moral dilemma of dating a patient. 

16. We Came Here to Shine by Susie Orman Schnall

Vivi is just beginning to make a name for herself as an actress in Hollywood when she’s sent back to New York—a place she worked so hard to escape—to perform in the 1939 World’s Fair synchronized swimming spectacular. Also facing a less than hopeful future, journalist Max has just lost her job at the New York Times and has taken a new position writing for the daily paper of the World’s Fair to get by. Both unhappy with their lives when they meet, it’s through their friendship that they realize there’s still hope for the future and their dreams. 

Raphael, Painter in Rome by Stephanie Storey

Raphael, Painter in Rome takes readers back to the Renaissance as it depicts the life of famed artist Raphael. Before Raphael’s father died, he swore to him that he would do whatever it took to become the greatest artist to ever exist. But in order to be the best artist in history, Raphael’s work will have to be better than Michaelangelo’s—the artist who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Pitted against one another by Pope Julius II, Raphael finds himself coming face-to-face with his loneliness, fear of imperfection and his feverish attempts to be the best in his field. 

18. The Secret Women by Sheila Williams 

Elise, DeeDee and Carmen may have never connected with one another had it not been for the loss of their mothers. Bonding over this tough time in their lives during yoga class, they agree to help one another sort through the belongings their mothers left behind. It’s when they begin to go through the items that they find old letters and diaries that reveal things they never knew about their mothers and change their lives forever. It’s with each other’s support that these three women will learn to forgive and say goodbye to the brilliant women who raised them.